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Hi, My name’s Sam.

I brought my hair, which is no longer attached to me.

I started growing it because I was into the heavy metal scene. I mean, if you don’t commit to having the long hair, then you’re not like metal enough. I had it for about ten years and I cut it a couple of years ago. It was down to my waist. It wasn’t a particular day when I decided to cut it off, I thought about it for months.

I just remember the funniest reaction I got was from my childhood friend, John, who when he saw me for the first time with short hair, didn’t say a damn thing. And I was like, you’re not going to say anything? He’s like – “I don’t know, I knew you before you even had the long hair so this just looks normal to me. So no big surprise, buddy!”

I kept the cut hair because it’s important for me to remember that everybody identified me by the long hair for basically as long as I had it—and I did as well. But when I felt ready to grow into somebody new I was sort of held back by it. So, when I cut it, It felt like a burden off, both figuratively and literally. That much hair weighs a lot!

It freed me up to grow into the person that I am today, to meet my wife and head on out to start a new life in California.


“My name’s Mary.

The story with the headbands is that two and half years ago I lost 150 pounds and one of the side effects of that is that you lose your hair. I had this really long curly hair that was always sort of my signature thing.

When my hair started to get thin, I was trying to figure out how to put some kind of look together.

I found my solution in the form of a headband from a place in Napa Valley called “Cookie & the Dude.”

After that I was always in search of headbands anywhere I traveled. People even started giving me headbands, not always the best headbands, but they would give them to me as gifts because they saw it as my obsession.

But it really wasn’t. It was simply about creating a style while I was going through this major transition in my life.”

About year ago the original headband snapped in half right at the top. Mary still has it and says it’s a good reminder of what she has gone through and how it helped her out.