Hi my name’s Robyn

I brought with me a snow globe today. I don’t exactly remember the first one but now I try to collect one from every place I visit.

This one depicting Beauty and the Beast was a gift and is meaningful because as a child I watched Disney movies every single day. If I fell asleep, I’d have to replay the various scenes to see what I missed even when I knew the entire thing from start to finish. After the movie Beauty and Beast was released I was hooked and collected every Disney film I could find. I watched them all the time. I still have them to this day and they still help me sleep. They’re awesome.

Before coming here today, I really couldn’t verbalize how special this one was to me, until I recalled a passage from a book that I read in High School, from start to finish, all in one day. It was “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold. In it there is a passage with a father and daughter looking at a snow globe. The daughter being very young was thinking about the people that lived inside and was worried for their safety saying they were trapped in there. And, you know, the father just says: don’t worry about it; they’re trapped in a perfect world, and it’s the absolute best way to describe a snow globe.

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