“The name is Maximilian.

My object is a Louisville slugger, actually half of a Louisville slugger.

I was shooting reference images for a new painting and needed to have a bunch of boys destroy a chair with some bats. We went to IKEA to pick up the cheapest piece of shit that we could just decimate because after years of college we realized that all IKEA furniture is excellent at exploding- If you EVEN breathe on it!

I chose a plain white chair at the lowest price possible- I think I paid 14 dollars for three of them, and I picked the one invincible mother fucking thing at IKEA. This chair broke a Louisville in half when we were trying to destroy it.”


Max is an artist and painter by profession. Asked what will become of the bat: “Out of thanks to a good friend of mine for many years of showing up and doing whatever crazy shit I can come up with, we’re gonna put this half of a bat into a shadow box and make him some art.”

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